About Us

We are manufacturers and sellers of CBD that is completely organically grown and hand-bred.

We're not just any cannabis producer, we're a lifestyle, a community that connects and identifies with people. In addition to our home-grown CBD, we also offer merchandise and accessories related to cannabis consumption.

Our vision

Hemp is a common plant that people have known and used for thousands of years. Cannabis has now been well researched and still has negative contamination.

We want to erase the old-fashioned image of the cannabis user from the minds of society and create a new one.
Because whether student, banker or teacher, there is a cannasseur in everyone!

Our cultivation

Our cannabis flowers get their unique quality from first-class genetics, our careful cultivation, precise and timely pruning and a slow and even fermentation process.

Our cannabis plants are grown completely organically, which means we do not use any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

Instead, we use plant-based alternatives.

Customer satisfaction is our priority!

We convince with the quality of our products, from blossom to paper.

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